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Human and Computer Interaction in Wall-e

Human and Computer Interaction in Wall-e.


Human and Computer Interaction in Wall-e

The movie ‘wall-e’ is revolving around a robot that called wall-e. This robot was made for cleaning or more likely stacking the whole garbage that covers the earth. In the movie earth is not suitable for human to live in it anymore since there is too much garbage. So humans decided to live in outer space until the earth is once again clean. That cleaning duty is given to robots called wall-e that somehow all broken but one which is the main character. Later on the movie a human robot called eve will come down to earth and fund wall-e and a plant. As the movie develops wall-e followed eve to where the human lives and met a lot of other robots and of course humans. At the end of the movie the humans and wall-e comes back to earth and try to live on earth once more.

Around the first half of the movie ‘wall-e’ there is no interaction between computer and human. The main character of wall-e is a robot that is not meant for interacting with humans although he actually proven can interact in his own way.

Around the last half of the movie there is a lot of robot and human interaction seen, for example:

– A ‘drink robot’

A human was seen ordering a drink by his voice. This is surely meant that a robot suppose to hear when the human is asking for a drink and give it to the right human on time. Though on the movie it seems that wall-e bump into the robot and makes the human fell because the human was desperately trying to make the ‘drink robot’ give him his new drink. Here also seen that wall-e interact with the human by helping the human back on his seat since this human is terribly fat and for your information the entire human in this movie is fat.

– A ‘massage robot’

Though brief, a robot massaging a human. The human said something like ‘It feels good’ this means that there is a probability that this ‘massage robot’ can adjust the power according to the human voice or reaction.

– A ‘beautician robot’

This is also only briefly seen. A robot was applying makeup on wall-e very quickly and shows wall e a mirror while saying something familiar to ‘Yes, you are gorgeous’. Although the ‘beautician robot’ was wrong since it didn’t interact with a human but with another robot. But this is too can be an example of computer and human interaction.

– A ‘dictionary robot’

This robot doesn’t have a humanoid or robot form but only a computer like form. This robot was seen giving information to the captain—a human— in pictures, videos, and voice while the captain ask information by saying ‘define ‘something’’.

– Auto, ‘The ship controller robot’

This robot was meant to assist the captain of the ship where the humans live. It gives assistance in giving the captain information and managing and driving the ship. Though in the movie it was seen there is a difficulty in controlling Auto when the captain want the ship to come back to earth but Auto was already given a specific and special order not to do so from the president.

Trough all these examples in the movie, we can see that a specific yet complicated an broad program is installed in the computer and robot so it would be able to assist human with only a simple command. These examples also tell us that though computers or in most of these cases robots make human’s work easier, human must still do certain work even just to move their bodies and to rely on computers on everything. But I must say that these examples show a magnificent computer and human interaction that we must put into reality soon.

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